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An industrial electrician is a skilled individual who must possess fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills related to the installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components found in industrial settings. Industrial electricians inspect, install, troubleshoot, repair and service (includes calibration and preventive/predictive maintenance) electrical equipment such as motors, generators, pumps, heavy duty machines, illumination systems, environmental regulating systems, communication systems; and associated electrical and electronic controls.

Individuals who work in this trade are also referred to as marine, mill or mine electricians, maintenance electricians, or plant electricians. These trade persons are employed by maintenance departments of factories, plants, mines, shipyards, oil and gas rigs, as well as platforms, and other industrial enterprises.

Some of the tasks and sub-tasks associated with the analysis overlap with the responsibilities of other skilled trades. Possible overlap exists in trades such as: Construction Electrician; Domestic, Rural and Low-rise Residential Electrician; Facilities Technician/Mechanic; Millwright; Stationary Engineer; and Instrumentation Technician/Mechanic.

Trade certification is compulsory in some jurisdictions while available, but voluntary, in others. Where certification is not required for the trade, codes, standards and regulations still apply. Electrical contractors in Canada require a Construction and Maintenance License.

RTO, in cooperation with industry and with the support of ITA, has developed a new format for the Industrial Electrician competency-based logbook. This new format still encompasses all of the tasks from the previous logbook, but in a more portable layout. Read more.

Program Profile
Industrial Electrician Profile

Program Outline
Industrial Electrician Program Outline - Industrial Electrician Level 1 and 2 training is aligned with the Level 1 and 2 training for Construction Electrician.
For more detail on these levels of technical training, please refer to the Construction Electrician Program Outline.

Training Institutions
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How to Challenge this certification or request Supervision & Sign-off Authority

If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification, or request authorization to supervise apprentices and sign-off on their competency when they are ready to be certified. To apply for certification challenge or Supervision & Sign-off Authority:

  1. Download and read the Instructions.
  2. Download and complete the Application - Certification Challenge or Supervision and Sign-off Authority form.
  3. Download and complete an Employer Declaration of Work Experience or Statutory Declaration of Work Experience form for each employer you have worked for in the trade. The Instructions will explain which form(s) you need.
  4. Submit your completed package and any applicable fees to ITA Customer Service.

Special Information
Briefing Paper - Industrial Electrician Jan 2009

Information Guide: Preparing to Write an Interprovincial Red Seal Examination
This published information guide provides study techniques which can be used to prepare for writing the Interprovincial Red Seal examination for this trade. Topics which are discussed in the guide are: the National Occupational Analysis (NOA), studying for the Red Seal exam, sample Red Seal questions, and writing the Red Seal exam.

Inter-Provincial Examination Information
All of the Inter-Provincial examinations have an assigned number of questions based on each National Occupational Analysis (NOA) blocks and tasks. Refer to the table for an assigned number of questions per exam, the assigned number of questions per block section and the assigned number of questions per task for this trade.

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